defending my honor, isn’t that groovy?

This past week has been marked by an excessive amount of Monkee-marathoning. I can’t believe my parents have put up with listening to the Monkees theme song literally ten times a day, haha.

I am so in love with Mike Nesmith. I don’t know whether it’s the hair, the wool hat, the voice, or some combination of quirky attributes that is so attractive to me…I can’t really figure it out so I’ll just post a bunch of videos instead.

Here is a compilation of links I like to call “The Best of Mike, According to Nikki and Thanks to YouTube”:
*Billy Roy Hodstetter at 1:25 – 2:00. AWWWWW so cute!!
*Save the Texas Prairie Chicken I love how his accent is so much heavier in real life and he has to tone it down for the scene, haha.
*Princess Gwen – 3:30 – 3:55. Actually this whole episode is full of win. But “HAROLD YOU BETTER GET THIS CARRIAGE OUTTA THE MUD” takes the cake.
*Mike and Frank Zappa – “I’ll teach you how to play the car…”

And finally, because the only thing better than one Mike Nesmith is TWO Mike Nesmiths! (Uber-Country Mike is my favorite:)

I enjoy times like this, when I have nothing to do besides preoccupy myself with 60s love. While browsing though my past journals, I’ve noticed that it’s a distinct trend: the summer before freshman year I was in my huge Beatles phase…my journal is filled with so many pictures and drawings and lyrics it’s almost overwhelming. Then the summer before sophomore year was the Rolling Stones (and Keith Richards)…I made a CD of Keith songs that I swear I listened to every night as I went to sleep. And the summer before senior year was definitely The Who. I spent hours learning Who songs on guitar and trying to perfect the Townshend windmill. (Don’t really know what I was into the summer before junior year…I think I actually liked recent music for a while, haha). Anyway, I guess drum corps fills up a lot of my break, but there is still just the right amount of time to get caught up in another obsession, and this is the result…


I’ll leave you with that. And now, it’s off to Vegas! PAYCE!

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