random tidbits

Last week in music discussion, our TA offered extra credit to anyone who could find out the name of the motown hit that used the same melody as Bach’s Minuet in G, and what group it was. In my infinite nerdiness, I already knew the answer: “A Lover’s Concerto” by the Toys (thank you Mr. Holland’s Opus!). Though it’s pretty repetitive, you can’t deny it’s a catchy song.

The other day in film class we watched Footlight Parade. I was excited because I’ve heard so many James Cagney impressions (and by that I mean the reference in Help! and Micky Dolenz’s “inimitable James Cagney” in a bunch of Monkees episodes) but never truly watched one of his movies. Turns out in this one he’s not a gangster but a mild-mannered musical producer, haha. Just as great. So in case you ever wanted to see James Cagney tap-dancing:

Also, I am really enjoying Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography. It’s fascinating to read about the social interactions between people who are now considered legendary…dinner parties with Mr. and Mrs. Einstein, Rachmaninoff, Aldous Huxley…I can only imagine. There was a part I read today about William Randolph Hearst, which I found amusing:

At times he was surprisingly childish and his feelings could be easily hurt. I remember one evening while we were choosing sides for a game of charades, he complained that he had been left out. “Well,” said Jack Gilbert facetiously, “we’ll play a charade on our own, and act out the word ‘pillbox’ – I’ll be the box and you can be the pill.” But W.R. took it the wrong way; his voice quivered. “I don’t want to play your old charades,” he said, and with that he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

It’s so funny to visualize all these movie stars and distinguished men gathered in San Simeon playing party games, haha. I guess they’re really not that different from anyone else.

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