The Great Stone Face

When I made this blog I totally thought it would be an outlet for my music nerdiness. Turns out suddenly it’s a lot more movie-nerdy. Maybe this nerdism will die down after my film class is over, but secretly I hope it doesn’t, haha. Anyway, I might as well go all out while I have an excuse.

Tribute of the day: Buster Keaton!

Reasons to like Buster:
*He did crazyyyy stunts
*He was born in Kansas (and has a midwestern accent :)
*He also wrote, directed, and produced a lot of his movies
*You hardly ever see him smiling or laughing on film but when he does it’s soooooo cute!

Some videos:
The Play House – Pretty sweet camera tricks for 1921…
The General – CLASSIC.
Buster singing – Dunno why it amuses me so much, but it does.

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