Blogging on Christmas is what coolkids do

YouTube featured this video yesterday; it’s a product of the earliest days of filmmaking…”Santa Claus” from 1898. Pretty nifty camera tricks for 110 years ago!

One of the things on my Christmas list was the Charlie Chaplin movie City Lights…instead my family got me this. AHHH A DREAM COME TRUE!!! My favorites – City Lights and The Kid – are there, plus Monsieur Verdoux (in my opinion, his best sound film) and an awesome biography that I already watched, haha.
On a relevant (but sadder) note, Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day in 1977…not exactly a celebratory event, but it gives me an excuse to post a video:

Charlie wrote the music for that song…it was originally featured in Modern Times, then lyrics were added and since then it’s been covered by a ton of artists including Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton, yay!

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