Hey there mister blue

Winter break seems to mean I can update this thing wayyyy more than usual, hooray. It’s obvious I have more fun with this journal than with the other one, haha.

Anyway, it is a very important day. Do you know why? It is the birthday of BOTH Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith. Monkee mania!!! See left (I love that pic because it’s so typical – Mike in fringe and Davy in a Nehru jacket…ahh I love the 60s). It is also the birthday of Jeff Lynne (of ELO/Traveling Wilburys fame), yay!

Soooo I’m celebrating with videos, as usual. I figure I’ve done quite a bit of Mike tributes, but this time I’ll feature Davy; the little guy deserves it. Besides, his flashy song-and-dance might just be my favorite scene from the Monkees movie (plus, Frank Zappa and the talking cow at the end). Most parts of that movie are only ok in small doses, haha…this, however, never gets old:

And more:
She Hangs Out – A music video in which Davy and Mike demonstrate the art of awkward dance moves (Davy wins though). Haha I love all the videos in the Rainbow Room.

Some ELO for your listening (and viewing) pleasure:
Wishing – More rainbows!!
Mr. Blue Sky – One of my favorite songs ever. How bout that 70s hair, eh??

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