This is me not studying

You know that Top 5 ___ thing on Facebook? I was getting so annoyed by people posting those and having them show up on my news feed, but then I did one and found myself addicted to them. Some of the ones I did include Top 5 Album Covers, Top 5 Cereal Brands, and Top 5 Stadiums/Arenas, but this one’s the most picture worthy:

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

George Harrison

Gregory Peck

Buster Keaton

Gene Kelly

Charles “Buddy” Rogers

I know, all five of my celebrity crushes are dead. :( There’s just no one comparable these days!

I also really wanted to include:

Charlie Chaplin


Mike Nesmith

but I couldn’t find their pictures when I searched. Apparently no one on Facebook agrees with me!! :P

I can’t live without YouTube

I swear I’ll try to stop posting so many entries about RCC. If it suits you better, this entry can be about the Maori haka and jazz fusion instead, haha.

The video below basically explains what the haka is, but in case you didn’t know, it’s a war dance by the Maori people of New Zealand. In our show, the “opponent” was the totem. In the 1800s, Europeans came to New Zealand and the tribal culture suffered as a result. Our third movement was about the coming of Christianity (hence the crosses and the sacrifice). The fourth movement was the final acceptance of the totem and new life, etc. ANYWHO, dunno why I went into all that…this video is just a clip of the New Zealand rugby team doing a haka:

The real reason for this entry is below. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS EXISTS:

Now onto some jazz fusion (where does Jim find this stuff??). Watch the first 20 seconds of this video:

Then this one to see our rendition (in my opinion, ours is way cooler):

Haha, Megan’s penguin dancing and Mikey’s cameo at the end make me laugh. I MISS THIS!!!

Also, Jolesch pics are up. Added some of my favorites to the end of the RCC album. Note: Hector and I don’t wear contacts, but we decided for the authenticity of the show we wouldn’t wear our glasses. It wasn’t a problem seeing visual cues or anything, but it was weird playing with such blurry vision, haha. And I didn’t get to see the audience reactions, which is always one of my favorite parts of performing. At least I could hear them!

More RCC hypin’

Noteworthy: In observance of the date today, the Daily Bruin ran a front-page article on how to roll a joint. “Medicinal”, of course…haha.

And although this stuff usually goes in my other blog, I am plugging RCC everywhere, because I can’t stop watching our show and I already miss it SO SO SO MUCH.

I’ve uploaded a bunch to Facebook and Myspace, but my biggest collection of RCC pictures is on Picasa, including a bunch of other people’s pics. Looking at the pics from the beginning of the season, it seems like it was just yesterday. Where did the time go?? :(

Some favorites:


For Thursday’s class, Professor Bourland told us to take a popular song and analyze its structure. Just to be funny/lame, I chose Free Bird.

The song structure, according to me:
Regal Intro | Instrumental Passage | Verse | Verse | Chorus | Groovy Instrumental Break | Verse | Verse | Chorus | Bridge | Face-Melting Instrumental Break For Days | Epic Outro

I actually don’t think there’s a real chorus, but I don’t know what to call it. It’s more like a tag at the end of the verse. Whatev. I miss guitar hero.

This was so important that it merited a text from Jon in the middle of my Music of Asia class, and also an email from my dad. This is looooooong overdue. Too bad I already own all of the CDs already….

9/9/09 is going to be a most excellent day.

5 Movies

So every day there is this “writer’s block” thing on LiveJournal (why do I go on LJ you ask? Because I’m finding other ways to waste time rather than YouTube, ha), and a while ago, the prompt was: You’re packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you? Despite that being a pretty lame prompt to begin with, I still took the time to answer it. :P Here’s what I came up with:

*Easy Rider – I’d want a 60s movie, a roadtrip movie, and a Jack Nicholson movie, so this kills three birds with one stone.

*Singin in the Rain – I’d also want to include a musical; this one is definitely a favorite. :)

*City Lights – Gotta have at least one silent film, and City Lights is about as classic as it gets.

*Mr. Holland’s Opus – This has been a favorite of mine since I was like 10. Includes drama, humor, the 60s, and band…how could I not love it?

*PITMOVIE – duh.

Yesterday, Olivia and I watched Sabrina. Good movie, with an awesome cast. Which raises the question, if you were Audrey Hepburn, who would you choose: William Holden or Humphrey Bogart? I would love to say Bogie, but then again, Bill’s womanizing character is a lot like a guy I know (and have liked), so that’d probably be a lie.

Watch the movie to see who she ends up with. :)

you are here!

Tonight I saw Thenewno2 play at Amoeba, and got to meet the band! They were promoting the release of their album You Are Here, so of course I bought one. I shook Dhani Harrison’s hand and he signed my CD for me and it was awesome. The performance was cool; there were some technical difficulties (don’t you hate when that happens??) but Dhani kept us entertained by doing a little dance while microphones and cables were being changed.

My favorite songs from the album are “Give You Love”, “Another John Doe”, and “Life Off”. I swear, Dhani’s voice sounds so much like George’s, I always get tripped out because I hear it and imagine George doing all this electronic stuff, haha. He also looks so much like his dad it’s UNREAL:

(The top pic was George, the other two were of Dhani from some photo shoot.)
In conclusion, I had a great night! I went with Jon, the bassist from RCC, who is just as much of a Beatlenerd as me. We also ate at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood (note to self: awesome place to eat, come back in summer!).

Also, on a totally unrelated note, I have lately been quite fond of the following two songs: “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend (it’s so catchy! go listen if you don’t mind a couple f-bombs) and “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes (reeeeaaally pretty).
edit: Also, “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright. Check em out!