For Thursday’s class, Professor Bourland told us to take a popular song and analyze its structure. Just to be funny/lame, I chose Free Bird.

The song structure, according to me:
Regal Intro | Instrumental Passage | Verse | Verse | Chorus | Groovy Instrumental Break | Verse | Verse | Chorus | Bridge | Face-Melting Instrumental Break For Days | Epic Outro

I actually don’t think there’s a real chorus, but I don’t know what to call it. It’s more like a tag at the end of the verse. Whatev. I miss guitar hero.

This was so important that it merited a text from Jon in the middle of my Music of Asia class, and also an email from my dad. This is looooooong overdue. Too bad I already own all of the CDs already….

9/9/09 is going to be a most excellent day.

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