This is me not studying

You know that Top 5 ___ thing on Facebook? I was getting so annoyed by people posting those and having them show up on my news feed, but then I did one and found myself addicted to them. Some of the ones I did include Top 5 Album Covers, Top 5 Cereal Brands, and Top 5 Stadiums/Arenas, but this one’s the most picture worthy:

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

George Harrison

Gregory Peck

Buster Keaton

Gene Kelly

Charles “Buddy” Rogers

I know, all five of my celebrity crushes are dead. :( There’s just no one comparable these days!

I also really wanted to include:

Charlie Chaplin


Mike Nesmith

but I couldn’t find their pictures when I searched. Apparently no one on Facebook agrees with me!! :P

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