heeere i come to save the day

I really want to see Man on the Moon again.
I was watching some Taxi, which then led me to watching Andy Kaufman videos on YouTube, which really made me want to watch Man on the Moon. If you don’t know much about Andy Kaufman, you should go watch a bunch of videos of him…and when you’re done you will probably still not know much about Andy Kaufman, haha. The man was unbelievable (in both good and bad ways)…he did some of the craziest pranks on TV. There is an urban legend that he faked his own death back in 1984. I would love to believe that he is still alive and is just gonna randomly show up one day.

I don’t know why I love Taxi so much. I first got into it in 7th grade…an age at which I couldn’t really relate to any of the characters and probably didn’t even understand half of the jokes, haha. I remember I made a fanpage dedicated to it and everything. And this was even before I was into The Beatles or I Love Lucy or anything made prior to the 90s. I was a weird kid.

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