rock and ROLL

Pete Townshend’s birthday was 2 days ago and I FORGOT! I blame my midterm.


I found this video awhile back; not sure why no one else seems to have seen it but I find it HILARIOUS. Old Man Pete is such a spazz! I also think it’s funny how excited he is about that videocamera (he took it on stage with him???).

Vlog of a rockstar:

If you (and by you, I probably just mean me) yearn for more silly Pete footage, this Pete birthday tribute [2014 edit: the video is private now! so sad…] is pretty awesome, aside from the unnecessary subtitles. I never really associated the word “cute” with Pete Townshend, but this video manages to make him seem pretty darn cute. Awwww.

3 thoughts on “rock and ROLL”

  1. HAHA i knew what pic that was just by the name “PeteTownshendBanjoToyTeaParty.JPG”

    pete townshend is one of my favorite rockstars ever!!!


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