Misc. updates and Amazon finds

So I added that little “tags” list to the left, because I know you care. Nah, mostly it’s for my own benefit (not that I regularly go back and read past entries or anything…), but also if you want to see how many times I’ve rambled on about a certain topic. Of course, the Beatles are currently – and probably indefinitely – in the lead.

Also, I want to tell you (my faithful 3 readers…) that after this week, be ready for a lot more entries. I usually have a ton of things to post, but never get around to it because of schoolwork and drumline and stuff. Plus, summer is usually when I get all obsessed over certain bands, movies, etc. Wheeeee.

And because I don’t want to make this a totally boring post, take a look at this book:

Also, one of the related products. “You can start him up, but he’ll never stop!” Bahahaha.

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