STOP! and smell the roses

Wishing you all peace and love on Ringo Starr’s birthday!

In my search for relevant Ringo/Beatles videos, I came across several that I had never seen before (trust me, it’s a rare occurrence). The first is a music video that features a lot of band…double win! Silly Ringo, I’m glad he never took himself too seriously:

And the next one includes all four Beatles, in some kind of outtake from the First US Visit DVD (I only have it on VHS, apparently I’m missing out!). It’s exactly what the title says – they’re so fascinated by the recording equipment! Especially John, haha. “It’s gear!”

The First US Visit film is great. I highly recommend it, if you’re at least somewhat interested in the Beatles. No acting or scripted lines, just the Fab Four having fun in New York. The whole film is basically them messing around in hotel rooms and trains and dance clubs, with some TV performances in between. How can you not love them after watching those videos??!

Liverpool I left you
Said goodbye to Admiral Grove
I always followed my heart,
So I took it on the road.
Destiny was calling,
I just couldn’t stick around
Liverpool I left you,
but I never let you down.

-Ringo Starr

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