silence has no sound!

This is silly, but I have to admit, I lol’d.

Last weekend on the drive home, Katie asked how old Paul Simon was, and I guessed something along the lines of “sixty-five, because that’s about how old most of my favorite people are.” (He’s actually 67, in case you wanted to know.) Katie then laughed and told me I was born in the wrong generation, something I have known for a loooong time.

By the way, one of the CDs I got to listen to at work was Steve Martin’s new album called The Crow. He sure can play a mean banjo, that guy. And if you don’t like banjo, the CD is worth buying for the liner notes alone.

PS – I hope you all got your free Slurpees today. I got two, and I bet YOUR 7-11 didn’t give out free cups of fruit too. :P

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