Show People

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood with my friend Jon. It’s this awesome little place on Fairfax: one theater, totally old-fashioned, great food, live music, and silent movies, what could be better? We saw Show People, a 1928 Marion Davies film about the charms and vices of Hollywood in the early days, kind of like a light-hearted version of Sunset Boulevard. There were cameos by Douglas Fairbanks, John Gilbert, King Vidor (the director of the film), and of course my favorite:

(YouTube removed the original, BUMMER.)

I loved that part, except for the super-long title card, haha. I guess that’s part of what made the experience too; all the glitches and imperfections of seeing an 80-year old movie on film. I also have to give major props to the pianist, who had no score but instead watched the movie intently the entire time while matching the scenes perfectly with music. Ahhh, I love watching old movies on the big screen, and I’m so glad there are plenty of places around here that still show them.

ALSO, I have super exciting news to share but I guess I’ll hold off until further plans have been made. BUT I AM SO EXCITED.

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