Happy birthday Gene Kelly!

Yesterday we went to see Singin’ in the Rain at the Hollywood Cemetery, which was just as awesome as it sounds. I’ve only seen the the movie twice, and each time was on the big screen (or in this case, the big wall?). I love being part of a crowd where everyone laughs along with you and cheers after each dance routine. So fun!

I really think this movie deserves to be on my list of favorites; I’m not even a big fan of musicals but there are so many parts I could watch over and over. Donald O’Connor was fantastic and as I think I’ve mentioned before, Gene Kelly was a total dreamboat. It’s hard to imagine he was 40 years old in this movie, haha. And no matter how cheesy these musicals might be, you can’t deny that those guys can REALLY FREAKING DANCE. Watch this whole thing and tell me you aren’t amazed:

I love how anything can be turned into a song and dance number, haha. Also, I love watching a movie and then driving past all the places that were mentioned/seen in the movie on the way home. Yay LA!

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