90 years later….

I’ve realized that I love when people make Charlie Chaplin tributes on YouTube. They usually combine a lot of silly clips with some unexpected song (Sexyback, I’m On A Boat, Shoes, etc.) and the result can be pretty great. I guess most of them are a little more normal, and those are great too.

This one is dedicated to Charlie and Edna Purviance, the leading lady in almost all of his early short films. She’s my favorite! I love watching these clips because it looks like they had so much fun making those movies:

In conclusion, I love YouTube. I love Charlie Chaplin. The end!

4 thoughts on “90 years later….”

  1. heeey! without problems, of course! the contrary. cool that you have posted them. so I met another fan of Chaplin !*–*
    (sorry for my baaaaad English >.< )


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