As some of you may be aware, today I went to go see Conan and it was awwwwesome. Katie, Olivia, Brett, and I were in the audience on tonight’s show, which is on RIGHT. NOW. I got the tickets way in advance, so we had no idea who’d be there…turned out to be Tom Arnold, Tim Meadows, and Reba McEntire, haha. That was cool and all, but if only we’d ended up on yesterday’s show, featuring DHANI HARRISON. He came on the show to promote the new Beatles Rock Band and the remastered albums collection. He and Conan even played a song on the game.

Haha Dhani is having too much fun. :) Every time I see/hear him, I can’t help but imagine it’s George. Katie and I were talking about how amazingly awesome it’d be if the Beatles’ sons got together to form The Beatles, Jr….it’s totally possible:

The Lennon sons, Sean and Julian:

James McCartney:

Zak Starkey:

And of course, Dhani:

It would blow my mind. In a good way, of course. WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED YET?!?

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