Liverpool/Hamburg picspam!

WOOOOOOOO let’s just call this Beatles Week and now I have the perfect excuse to post countless entries about the Fab Four. Today’s tribute: Pre-Fab-Beatles! Nothing against Brian Epstein (major Brian-post coming up sometime in the near future), but I loved the Beatles’ look before he found them and “cleaned them up.” MMMMMMM LEATHER:

This was all pre-Ringo, although Ringo was in a band of his own called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes…

…who were a little more clean-cut:


Haha, John is totally deploying star power in that pic. I can’t believe they’re only like 18 in these photos. By the time they were my age the Beatles had taken over the world AHHHHHHH.

1 thought on “Liverpool/Hamburg picspam!”

  1. OH-MYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!LOVED those pics! I stole them for my personal collection.
    and I agree with you on the visual “look before he found them and “cleaned them up””.


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