you are forgiiiiiiiiven

I watched Amazing Journey tonight, and it was exactly that: AMAAAAZING. It covers the entire career of The Who, from their childhood to 2007 (1973-1974 era Who is my favorite). I also went on The Who website and read that Pete’s writing a new rock opera…Floss?? Not so sure about the title, Pete, but I trust that you will make it cool.

The following video – much like my experience with AHDN and The Beatles – is what made me first fall in love with The Who. Not sure what did it…John’s falsetto at the end? Pete’s sequined vest? Keith’s crazy antics or Roger’s fringe?…or maybe just the whole late-60s vibe that made all of those things ok. Previously, it was rare for a pop song to exceed 3 or 4 minutes. But Pete decided that he didn’t care and wrote a 7-minute rock opera and THAT is why I love him. YAY for bands that are innovative!

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