Sadhanipa, from Passages

There are several really cool things about this recording. Firstly, it is from an album that was a collaboration between Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass, two absolute revolutionaries in the world of music. Secondly, it was our second movement and drum break in Esperanza’s 2006 show, Chakra. Thirdly, the tabla player is none other than Abhiman Kaushal, my teacher for past year at UCLA. I have only recently just put all three of these things together, and it’s given me an even greater appreciation for the entire album. Definitely listen to it, if you get a chance!

This song was one of the very first to go on my iPod when I went on tour in ’06. I listened to it constantly and it’s amazing to me that now, approximately four years later, I am taking lessons from Abhiman Kaushal and Shujaat Khan, have seen Ravi Shankar in concert, and spend virtually every day playing sitar and tabla. My 17-year-old self would be floored!

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