Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

edit: OK. Just stop everything right now and take a couple minutes to watch this video and you will see why OK Go is so amazing to me. SERIOUSLY. It is unbelievable how amazing they are.

Original post: OK Go’s new album comes out tomorrow!!!! You better bet I’ll be on the first bus to Amoeba after class gets out. I am stoked. Back in May last year when Jocelyn, Lauren, and I saw OK Go in San Diego, they played a bunch of songs from this album and we’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for it ever since! You can listen to the album in full here. So far my favorites are “This Too Shall Pass”, “Skyscrapers”, and “Last Leaf”. I LOVE THIS BAND!

The new single/video for the song is a major trip (in Damian’s words, “psychediculous”). Check it out!

The “making of” video is also pretty great. Dan-with-chair is still my favorite part.

Also, I feel terrible for not knowing this until today, but Ringo Starr also has a new album due out tomorrow! Ahhh what a horrible Beatles fan I am! The first two videos here give you a sneak peek. I’ve never really gotten too into Ringo’s solo stuff, but the two songs in these videos feature Paul McCartney aaaand tabla. What’s not to like??

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