El Cascabel

So today in my Chicano/a music class (yes, I am really taking that, don’t laugh!), we listened to the following song:

Immediately I recognized it (particularly the string theme at 0:15), but couldn’t for the life of me remember why. How would I possibly know this song, a traditional son jarocho from Veracruz? I had it stuck in my head all day and absolutely could not figure it out. THEN, about five minutes ago, I realized what I knew it from…

HAHA. Back in high school, Kenny Day got the great idea of doing a DDR-themed winter drumline show. As a result, he sent me several DDR songs (this one included) to arrange for pit. I don’t think I got very far, but I definitely remember attempting it. I wish I still had the arrangements!

Anyway, I was just really excited I finally remembered what it was from. Also in class, we listened to La Bamba, yay! That song brings back so many memories…namely K-Earth 101 playing in the background of my mom’s consignment shop when I was 5 years old. But I also realized I’ve always listened to the Los Lobos version thinking it was the original. Fail.

Anyway, back to studying. Chicano/a music basically just reminds me of home, and we all know how fun it is having Vista pride, haha. BEEESTUHHHH!

2 thoughts on “El Cascabel”

  1. I laughed. I “Rickrolled” Greg on the phone; we were playing our favorite Stevie Wonder songs and then I said, “wait, you have to hear this one!” and played “Calle Ocho” by Pitbull because it was suggested (sounds JUST like “Sir Duke,” right?).

    The other day, I made fun of those kids who'd imitate DDR dance moves behind a guy at an arcade or leaned on the pole and faced away from the screen. I'm so glad that GH/Rock Band came out, because I was hopeless at DDR.

    I went to the VHS Winter Art Show, and Jazz Band was unbelievably awful. I heard that drumline's oldest player is a sophomore. Finally, I miss Alien vs. Predator and the fact that black kids always went crazy during cadences at rallies.

    That same day, we joked that we liked Britney Spears' “Satisfaction” better than this boring, old man cover (how is Keith Richards not dead, btw? doorjamb effect?).

    101.1 = amazing. My comment is longer than your entry, sorry…


  2. Agreed. I can beat Freebird on expert on GH, but will fail basically anything on the easiest mode of DDR, haha.

    So sad about the band. Alien vs. Predator was probably my favorite season in high school ever. dundundunDUNDUNDUN.

    Hah and like Robin Williams said, after the apocalypse and all life has been wiped out, it'll just be Keith Richards and 5 cockroaches (“Hey, I smoked your uncle once!”).


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