Cool Instruments, Pt. 2

These are some of the instruments I’ve been exposed to recently. I realized that I’d heard them many times, but never knew what they looked like or how they are played. Anyway, check them out!

The kora is a stringed West African instrument that sounds like a mix between a classical guitar and a harp. We had a guest lecturer come into class and give us a mini concert, and I totally fell in love with the instrument. It’s so beautiful!

I have lots more of these cool instruments posts lined up, but trying to space them out a bit so that non-Ethno people don’t get too bored, haha. Until next time!

trepidation, speculation

So I’m in the Brazilian drum ensemble at UCLA, also called BatUCLAda, and for the spring concert we are doing a cover of this:

The drummers in this video are a part of the Brazilian bloco afro Olodum (who also played on Paul Simon’s album Rhythm of the Saints, including my favorite The Obvious Child!). Basically all the rhythms, songs, and choreography we do in BatUCLAda are from Olodum, so I’ve become really familiar with them, haha. Check out BatUCLAda videos here!

Additional note: Our arrangement is also going to include No Woman No Cry, complete with Portuguese lyrics. It’s gonna be rockin. The concert is in May…this is an early reminder! :)