Dancing to zydeco

Et toi!

In case you weren’t aware, Simon and Garfunkel are scheduled for another tour this year! And in case you weren’t aware (I certainly am), the tour dates got postponed from May to July, due to poor Garfunkel’s vocal cords. Sad day! But they still performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest last month, which produced some great videos (Paul Simon dance party ftw!). One of my favorites is “That Was Your Mother” from Paul’s solo set:


Man, he loves to dance. I especially love the air-accordion, haha.

1 thought on “Dancing to zydeco”

  1. Fun video – missed that day – was in Lafayette for their Festival International that weekend. Paul also seems to be playing air saxophone, and air rubboard. And the keyboard player is on a small piano-key accordion, which is barely audible. Poor mixing. Thanks for posting!


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