Virtual Choir

We watched this in my Music Tech class today and I found it fascinating. Each individual person recorded their own part and they were all overdubbed to create a virtual choir from around the world. We were trying to figure out how they got rid of all the extra noise that surely must have existed from all those different recordings. Nevertheless, it’s really really cool:


Also, the reissue of “Exile on Main Street” comes out today! This is a big deal because – if you did not already know – Exile is my favorite album EVER. It’s just so gritty and raw (recorded mostly in the basement of Keith Richards’ French estate) and would accompany a Deep South roadtrip perfectly.

Some of my favorite songs:
Loving Cup
Ventilator Blues
Torn & Frayed

Also, the remaster has 10 new tracks which, from what I’ve heard, are no less legit and awesome than those chosen for the original cut.
New song: Plundered My Soul

I want to add more but have to go to tabla now. So just enjoy this Stonesy pic instead:

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