First of all, everyone has to see INCEPTION.

Mind-blowing movie. Also, I love Hans Zimmer’s score.

Secondly, I’ve totally been slacking in terms of this blog. Especially when I’ve had some awesome things to write about. I can’t just go to a Paul McCartney concert without hyping it like crazy (this marks my third separate blog about the concert). There were so many incredible songs and moments that I can’t begin to name them all. It is amazing that Macca still rocks so hard…he showed some serious chops during his Jimi Hendrix tribute, and was rocking all the way until the second(!) encore, which included Helter Skelter and The End. The man is a god. As a salute to Macca, I am posting some of my favorite videos, from throughout his career:

Band on the Run. Pure classic. The song is so good I can forgive Paul for having a mullet.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five is one of my favorite Wings songs ever. This tour was the first time he’d ever played it live!!

Just to give you a little taste of the concert I went to, here’s Live and Let Die at AT&T Park. Man, stadium concerts are great. Paul’s little act at the end [2:30] was so funny. I loved every time he tousled his hair, just like BeatlePaul. :D Still so good looking!! Speaking of which…

In conclusion, I love Paul McCartney.

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