dci and listography

Not going to lie, I haven’t been keeping up with drum corps at all this season, except the occasional score-check and facebook posts from my friends on tour. And I’m not going to lie about this either, the only show I’ve watched is Cavies’ (“Mad World”), because their repertoire is just too relevant to my interests: Mad World, Harrison’s Dream(!), Dismantling Utopia, and Smile (YA, THE SAME SONG I’M ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT):

Random note: Yesterday at Urban Outfitters (I know, right?) I saw this cool book called Music Listography, which is basically High Fidelity and my itunes playlists combined. Lists include: Guilty Pleasure Songs (e.g. “Love Story” – Taylor Swift), Road Trip Songs (“Six Days on the Road” – Flying Burrito Brothers), Favorite TV Theme Songs (TAXI!), etc. But alas, the book was more than I wanted to pay, so I’ve decided to make my own. I always have more spiral notebooks than I know what to do with anyway. My listography book will include: Favorite Guitar Hero Songs, Totally Awesome 80’s, Favorite Musicals, and Favorite Record Stores, just to name a few. Yay for new (and ongoing) projects.


Favorite Vocal Duos, GO!
-Bob Dylan and Joan Baez (early-mid 60s)
-Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris
-Lennon and McCartney

I’m writing this in kind of a hurry, but I’m definitely planning on revisiting it later (videos, perhaps?). This is prime material for quick blog entries…I guess I’m running out of excuses for the lack of entries lately.
Anyway, more later…feel free to make your own lists and post them!

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