when the morning comes

Jocelyn and I saw OK Go last weekend and it. was. amazing. My 5th time(!) seeing them, and definitely the best yet! As a part of my current OK Go kick, today I listened to all 3 of their albums back to back, and compiled a list of my top 10 favorite OK Go songs, complete with videos. Voila:

Nikki’s Top 10 OK Go Songs

1. What To Do
I especially like the acoustic version linked above. Also, singing along during the chorus is one of my favorite things to do.

2. Bye Bye Baby
I’ve always loved this one, and the lyrics “It’s not just that I’m selfish and scared / It’s not just that I’m so unprepared / It’s just you’d think I’d grow out of this, wouldn’t you?”

3. This Too Shall Pass
One word: epic. I remember when we first heard this at the House of Blues show in SD…we all loved it, but couldn’t remember the words until the album came out 8 months later!

4. Get Over It
We’ve all felt this way before…it’s a good venting song. And just fun to sing along with.

5. A Million Ways
We have so much history with this song, it’s impossible not to include. That aside, it’s just cool anyway. :)

6. Oh Lately It’s So Quiet
I really like the atmosphere of this song. PS – The video I found of this is great, you should watch it.

7. Last Leaf
OK Go does a cute love song! Also, this is the song Damian sang while standing 10 inches away from us in the crowd!

8. Return
The saddest of all OK Go songs. They played this on handbells at the Club Nokia show, which made it seem even sadder (but also really cool).

9. Invincible
This song brings back distinct memories of driving in the high school parking lot senior year…I listened to that album so much, haha.

10. Let It Rain
I’ve listened to this so many times while driving at night (also in the rain) and it’s just become one of my favorites.

So there’s my top 10, subject to change at any time. Anyone else?