These songs are true, these days are ours

Last week I was lucky enough to see Paul Simon at the Music Box in Hollywood. Being five feet away from one of my greatest musical heroes for 2 hours was a dream come true! Paul was amazing and his band was incredible! Each guy had his own little station of assorted instruments, from bongos to harmonium to accordion to handmade windchimes…at one point the drumset player was playing his kick and hi-hat with his feet while playing a guitar solo. Crazy!

Although Paul didn’t say much in between songs, the music spoke for itself. After all, that’s what we were there for, right? He played a lot of his new songs, as well as a lot of classics and some unexpected ones (Peace Like A River, Mystery Train, yeah!). I really don’t think the music selection could’ve been any better. I made a list here of some highlights from the show…
Dazzling Blue. I was really hoping he’d play this, and turns out it was like the second song! Yesssss. No live Indian percussion though, instead it was a loop, haha. But still, sooooo beautiful.
Hearts and Bones. OH WOW. This was probably my favorite song of the night. I’ve always thought it was a good song, but something about hearing it live just made it so much better. Current favorite Paul Simon song, definitely.
The Obvious Child. I WAS SO HAPPY HE PLAYED THIS. When I saw the surdo on the stage, I flipped out, haha. I must’ve looked really funny during this because I was calling Lauren and at the same time trying to take a video with my camera. Oh, technology…
The Only Living Boy in New York. I remember this came right after The Obvious Child because I thought it was too good to be true that he’d play two of my favorite songs back to back. This was the only S&G song of the night, besides Sound of Silence. <3
That Was Your Mother. So much fun!! Everyone was dancing and the band was taking extended solos and it was just awesome.
Vietnam/Mother and Child Reunion. Paul introduced the Jimmy Cliff song as his inspiration for Mother and Child Reunion. It was really cool to hear some of his inspiration (also: Mystery Train). PS doesn’t forget his roots!
Still Crazy After All These Years. Something about this song is just so 1970’s New York…and that’s why I love it. Such a fitting last song to play. I LOVE YOU PAUL!


Rolling Stone just released a list of reader-picked Top 10 Bassists, and I bet you know who was Number One (or, I bet you can guess since I’m posting it here)…

John Entwistle, a.k.a. THE OX:

*My Generation solo. As the top rated comment says: “Oh, am I doing a bass solo? I didn’t notice…”
*Acoustic bass solo. Still SO MUCH POWER.
*WGFA isolated bass. This is an extra on The Kids Are Alright, and it’s really freaking awesome. The whole middle part is amazing (stuff you don’t really get to hear when the full band is playing), and the end is POWERCHORD MADNESS. So good!
The best thing about John Entwistle is that he was never outwardly showy or pompous about his bass playing. He just did his thing while the rest of the band flung around their instruments and got destructive. He was the ultimate of cool.