Rolling Stone just released a list of reader-picked Top 10 Bassists, and I bet you know who was Number One (or, I bet you can guess since I’m posting it here)…

John Entwistle, a.k.a. THE OX:

*My Generation solo. As the top rated comment says: “Oh, am I doing a bass solo? I didn’t notice…”
*Acoustic bass solo. Still SO MUCH POWER.
*WGFA isolated bass. This is an extra on The Kids Are Alright, and it’s really freaking awesome. The whole middle part is amazing (stuff you don’t really get to hear when the full band is playing), and the end is POWERCHORD MADNESS. So good!
The best thing about John Entwistle is that he was never outwardly showy or pompous about his bass playing. He just did his thing while the rest of the band flung around their instruments and got destructive. He was the ultimate of cool.

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