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This past weekend I went to the Sonora Blues Festival (a.k.a. Music on the Mountain) which was headlined by the Manzarek-Rogers Band. Seeing Ray Manzarek up close was pretty great, especially because he’s turned into a cute, happy old man, haha. Here are some pics, taken by me and my dad:

That last one is Roy Rogers, a great slide guitarist. Yesterday while looking for live videos of the Doors, I came across this total 1969 time capsule. Man…the 60’s. Jim looks like a caricature of himself (and also kind of like Will Ferrell?)

Also check out this video from 1972, after Jim’s death. He was such a giant personality that it’s weird to see the other band members singing this song. It’s cool to see though, and like one commenter said, “What else were they gonna do? …retire at age 27?

The rest of this post is going to be bulleted, because I do what I want!

  • New EP coming soon from my friend/roommate Ryan York (a.k.a. Asura), with cool hand-pressed jackets. Read more at!
  • For those of you who have been keeping up with drum corps this year (or even if you haven’t), here’s a clip of the closer I wish I’d seen live! Ahhh, Madison, you rock. And a shout out to the original.
  • Been moving into a new place and wish I could get my hands on this book, haha. Reminds me of my mom explaining macrame and “brick and board” bookcases…
  • Also, recently been re-discovering my love for Annie Hall…videos bound to come soon…

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