Midcentury Awesome

Thanks to an organization called Pacific Standard Time, admission at dozens of LA museums was free today! To take advantage, the boy and I decided to go to both the Museum of Natural History in Exposition Park and LACMA in the Miracle Mile District. Besides the fact that the Museum of Natural History was swarming with kids and we had to park 5 blocks away from LACMA, it was totally worth it. We both thought the dinosaur skeletons, crawly insects, and gigantic taxidermied animals were pretty sweet, but I have to admit that I was most excited by the California Design exhibition at LACMA (cue nerdiness). It was a whole exhibition about midcentury modern architecture(!!!) and interior design, exactly my cup o’ tea. :)

Below are some photos of the exhibit, from the LACMA blog:




SO. PERFECT. I especially loved how they re-created the entire Eames living room.

For more midcentury goodness, check out some photos of the Stahl House, probably the most famous Case Study House in LA. I’ve always loved this breathtaking picture:

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