Miscellaneous things you should see

A few random things I’ve come across lately (and also a purge of blog drafts I’ve had sitting around for months):

Man on Wire – this is a documentary about a pretty crazy guy who tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers in the 70s. Most of the documentary is actually about the planning and everything leading up to the stunt, but it’s definitely worth a watch. The weirdest part about the documentary for me, though, was the construction of the towers…so surreal to watch after so much footage of their collapse.

20th Century Fox on… – You’ve heard the 20th Century Fox theme on flute (recorder?), right? Here are a couple more for your listening pleasure: 20th Century Fox on sax and my personal favorite, the trumpet.

Catch Me If You Can was on TV the other night and as I watched it again, I realized how much I love that movie. Midcentury goodness, John William’s awesome score, Leo and Tom Hanks…can’t really go wrong with a combo like that. Also, really awesome/interesting true story about Frank Abagnale.

I’ll leave you with this random yet captivating video of approximately one gazillion bouncy balls in San Francisco. Color explosion!!

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