I pulled into Nazareth…

We’ve lost two legends in the past two days (really hoping the whole dying in threes thing isn’t gonna happen…): RIP Dick Clark and Levon Helm.

Dick Clark is practically synonymous with pop music. When rock ‘n roll was first getting started, he was the one who introduced it to people across the world – I mean, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly made their TV debuts on Bandstand, how cool is that? I remember my mom telling stories of coming home from school to find her sisters glued to the TV watching American Bandstand – for teenagers in the 50s and 60s, it was THE show to watch.

Some good old fashioned rock & roll:

(Side note: Lauren and I saw Jerry Lee Lewis at this show in 2009…awwww). Also, random but 70s-tastic.

Levon Helm was the voice behind some of The Band’s greatest songs, and a class act. Incidentally, just the other day I was walking down Haight Street and overheard a bum tell a woman with an oversized backpack: “Take a load off, Annie.” I thought it was amusing, oh-so Haight Ashbury, and a testament to one of the most iconic songs of the 60s:

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