Things I’m digging

…from the past week:


Previously unpublished photos of Jack Nicholson at home on Mulholland Drive, 1969. These were taken around the time of Five Easy Pieces, one of his lesser known/more underrated films (if you’ve never seen the diner scene, go ahead and brush up on your Nicholsonness by watching it right now).

. I found this website through StumbleUpon, which specifically gave me this mix to listen to. I was instantly hooked. I like how it doesn’t show the list of songs right away, and instead gives you the opportunity to be surprised by what’s next. I started making a couple test mixes (here I am!), but honestly I’m having more fun finding cool mixes by other people than making my own. Definitely worth checking out!


This photo shoot of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (a.k.a. Lennon/McCartney Sexytimes). I’d previously only seen like 4 photos from this session, and now there are DOZENS! I die.

Also, this tumblr

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