There once was a note…

So last night I watched Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who on Netflix (which, according to this post, I’d already seen before??), and once again reaffirmed my devout, undying love for The Who. I really need to include them more often in this blog. They were/are a huge part of my rock & roll nerdiness.

I also reaffirmed one of my favorite albums in the process. Like a lot of bands that started in the 60s, The Who have a pretty colorful discography, from mod rock to huge concept albums to semi-embarrassing 80s pop. While I appreciate the quirkiness/innovation of The Who Sells Out, love the fact that Tommy and Quadrophenia are freaking ROCK OPERAS, I must say, without a doubt, that my favorite Who album of all time is…


I mean, seriously, is it even up for debate? Watching that documentary, it kind of felt like the whole thing was leading up to Who’s Next, and then once you hear the intro to Baba O’Riley, it’s like…BAM. Epic.

Pete’s spastic dancing is the best. Also, DAT BASS. Can’t get enough.

I know, I’m not being very original…Baba O’Riley is probably the most well-known Who song out there, but hey, there’s a reason. It’s just that. great.

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