Last Who post, I promise

…Just kidding. I can’t make any promises like that. But I do have some other topics I’ve been meaning to write about, it just depends on whether or not I have the attention span to finish the posts. :P

So anyway, Cool Thing of the Day about The Who: each member of the band was basically a soloist. They didn’t bother with rhythm guitar, boring basslines, or a “backbeat” (not that there’s anything wrong with that…but they just had a completely different – and awesome – sound). Everyone in The Who was front and center, all the time. You can isolate any one of the four of them, and the result is totally listenable on its own. As musicians, they had a lot of guts, and that’s what made them great, especially as a live band.

And now a video from the Isle of Wight, because it is my personal opinion that they were all looking their finest at this concert (also, the post-song banter is pretty amusing). Is it weird that I’m attracted to Pete’s big nose and jumper? I have such a strange obsession with that man. Also, gotta admit…Keith steals the show in this video. He’s just so fun to watch. :)

BTW, nice screen cap, YouTube. Roger Daltrey = best abdomen of the 60s??

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