Gimme some good ol’ American music

I’ve been keeping a list of music that I’ve been obsessing over recently – whether it’s new stuff on the radio or classic albums revisited – and after putting them all in one list, I am noticing a distinct Americana theme going on. I must be going through one of those summery, itching-to-hit-the-road phases or something…anyway, as a result, I offer you some music to listen to!
Two albums I want to highlight:
Born & Raised. John Mayer. This new album is much more ‘down home’ than the John Mayer I’m used to listening to, and I love it. Upcoming road trip to Utah = you better bet I’ll be listening to this on the way. A couple favorites: Age of Worry and Speak for Me. Also, how great is the cover art? It seriously looks like it belongs on a vinyl album, next to CSNY and Buffalo Springfield.
And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’. Mike Nesmith. Funny album name, especially because no one really knows any of the songs on this album (except for “Different Drum” which Linda Ronstadt made famous). Nevertheless, I went through a phase where I listened to this album every day, strumming along on guitar and pretending to be a country singer. This isn’t really your typical country, though. It’s just Mike and a pedal steel guitar, singing really exposed lyrics with big words and kind of cerebral themes. Great to listen to if you’re feeling introspective and kind of lonely, haha. I remember really loving the liner notes written by Nez, but can’t find them online. :(
Favorite tracks: Two Different Roads and Keep On.
And to round it off, here are some songs I’ve been digging A LOT lately:
Wildflowers. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Such a perfect sunny weekend song.
Man on Fire. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Makes me want to embark on a road trip riiiiight….NOW.
Some Nights. Fun. How epic is this music video? (The song starts about a minute in)
Happy summer!

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