The Evolution of Beatles Movies, feat. Paul McCartney and Victor Spinetti

Two things I meant to blog about this past week:

  • Happy 70th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney! Here, check out this epic photo tribute from Time.
  • R.I.P. Victor Spinetti, hilarious actor and familiar face in all 3 Beatles films (fun fact: we share a birthday). You will be missed!
And now, here are some videos including both of them. Watch the evolution of Beatles movies from cute to weird to incomprehensible:
The above is from A Hard Day’s Night. Victor plays the uptight TV director in the beginning. Also, this was the first song I ever learned to play on guitar!
From Help! (Context: the mad scientist wants Ringo’s ring so he can rule the world. /end context.)
I also had a really great/ridiculous clip from Magical Mystery Tour too, but it seems to have been taken down by Apple Corps. Bummer.

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