Time for folk music

Autumn is in full swing and the leaves are falling and that means it’s Simon & Garfunkel season (ok, to be honest, it’s always S&G season for me, but *especially* the fall). I could literally listen to this music every day…it just makes me feel so warm and cozy and inclined to make tea even though I don’t even like tea that much.

Some personal favorites to kick off the season:


I love how one of the the top ranked comments on this video is just a copy of the lyrics. Because really, do more beautiful lyrics exist?? Paul, why must you be so poetic and Art, how is your voice THAT OF AN ANGEL? Honestly.


The way they sing this song so effortlessly never fails to amaze me. I love the breaking of the fourth wall, and the overall vibe of this video, which is Simon & Garfunkel surrounded by very serious-looking 20 year olds during a time when there was a lot to be serious about.

Also, Bleecker Street (no live performances, sad). Sigh…I want to go back to New York.

More S&G to come, for sure. In other news, I just found out what “crinoline” was…


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