So this is what the volume knob’s for

Last weekend I finally made it to the Fillmore, a venue I’ve been wanting to go to for years (it didn’t disappoint: walls filled with vintage concert posters = I was in heaven!). I went with 4 friends to see the Mountain Goats, and left the show an enthusiastic fan.


I’ll go ahead and admit it right now, the first 5 minutes of the Mountain Goats’ set made me cry. John Darnielle began the show by paying homage to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that happened earlier that day. He questioned what someone like himself, a musician, could do to honor those children who will miss out on a lifetime of music and memories, and concluded that the best thing to do is play louder and more passionately than ever. He then opened with White Cedar:

Like a star come down to walk the Earth in radiant array.
I saw the light of my spirit descend the other day.
I was standing the bus stop on North East 33rd,
When I got the word.
I will be made a new creature,
One bright day.

I don’t have to be afraid.
Speed that day on it’s way.
And you can’t tell me what my spirit tells me isn’t true, can you?

Woke up on lockdown one more time,
My visions won’t ever learn.
But I see the light that much clearer,
Every time I return.
Forge my armor in the old fire.
My spirit sings loud and clear,
Even in here.

I’ll be reborn someday, someday,
If I wait long enough.

I don’t have to be afraid.
I don’t wanna be afraid.
And you can’t tell me what my spirit tells me isn’t true, can you?

The show was a wonderful mix of rockin’ anthems and beautifully exposed lyrics: a great chance for a newcomer like me to get acquainted with the extensive Mountain Goats catalog (did I mention how amazingly devoted tMG fans are? what an awesome crowd!). Also, John Darnielle is an excellent frontman. I loved his stories and perfectly timed punchlines. The show made me laugh, cry, and dance…what more could you ask for?

Some newfound favorites:
*San Bernardino – I love songs about places. Which is perfect, because there are tons of Mountain Goats songs about cities, towns, and driving. Yesssss.
*This Year – I listen to this at least once a day; lately it’s been more like 5 times a day.
*Cry for Judas
*Love Love Love

Shoutout to my friend Lauren for introducing me to this band! I hope this post will introduce a few more people to the awesomeness that is the Mountain Goats. :)

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