I recently re-rewatched Making ‘The Shining’ which is a documentary about exactly that. It’s a really interesting little film, the gist of which goes something like:

Shelley Duvall: *whines*
Stanley Kubrick: Stop whining, Shelley.
Jack Nicholson: *is awesome*

Seriously though, how cool is Jack? I feel like he never causes problems on the set, because he’s just too cool to care that much.

I also recently watched Room 237, which is a bunch of (sometimes ridiculous) interpretations about The Shining as told by 5 film critics. Some of it was fascinating, but…there’s a limit to how long you can listen to a woman interpret a skiing poster as an elaborate minotaur symbol when obviously it’s just a skiing poster.

Read some of the theories here and decide for yourself if it’s worth a watch.

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