Welp, just when you thought I couldn’t get any nerdier, my new goal is to watch the entire Star Trek franchise from beginning to end.

Current status: Episode 3 of The Original Series

It all started when Alex convinced me to see Star Trek Into Darkness last weekend. Having never seen any Star Trek in my life, ever, I was skeptical. Sci-fi/space isn’t really my thing, but since it’s one of Alex’s *favorite* things, I went along with it (plus, the trailer did look pretty good).

Halfway through the movie I had the realization that I was super into it. I wanted to stand up and yell to the theater, “THIS IS AWESOME” but decided to let the movie do the talking. Seriously though, I was blown away. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews from hardcore fans, but for a non-Trekkie like me, the movie was a really cool introduction to the world of Star Trek. How badass is Spock, by the way??? Hate to jump on any bandwagons right away, but he’s totally my favorite character.

 Zachary Quinto was great, but of course there’s no comparing to…
Leonard Nimoy, the OG Spock
So, after that we decided we would start watching Star Trek….from the beginning. Lots of sources (read: Reddit and Alex’s coworkers) said to start with The Next Generation, which is apparently the best of the series. But in order to fully appreciate the later incarnations, we’re starting at the very beginning, when the show first aired in 1966. (Fun fact I learned: the vibrant colors used in The Original Series were deliberate, because most people still had black and white TVs. That way audiences could tell the difference between uniform colors, etc. Thanks Reddit!)
Anyway, if we can keep up the marathon, it’ll probably take years to get through all of the TV series/films. But I’ll keep you posted, dear reader(s)! And I’ll leave you with this, a collection of Spock moments from the first season of the first series (I haven’t watched this all the way through because I don’t want spoilers):

2 thoughts on “KHAAAAN!”

  1. Yeah! Since this movie came out I decided to start watching old Star Trek episodes since we have Netflix. I eventually settled on TNG, but maybe I should watch the original series. I can't get Laura to watch them with me, though *sadface*. She prefers Leave it to Beaver.

    Anyway, if you're watching it on Netflix you should watch the first episode of TNG with subtitles on. I won't spoil it for you, just promise me you will text me when you find it.


  2. Kyle! This makes me so happy. I'm excited to have friends to talk to about Star Trek…I thought I was the only one, haha.

    Now I want to see what all this subtitle business is about! Ok, I promise I'll let you know when I do….the suspense is killing me….!


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