Listen to!: Vampire Weekend, Foxtails Brigade, The Howls

And now, another installment of Music I Am Currently Digging.


Since it came out last month, I’ve been listening to Vampire Weekend’s album Modern Vampires of the City pretty much nonstop. It’s just about the only thing I listened to during our trip to Germany (oh, I went to Germany, btw), and has also become my morning commute soundtrack…it just doesn’t get old. I can’t even pick a favorite song to post here, because I would seriously listen to any of them for 24 hours straight and not even mind.

But, that said, here’s a good video of “Ya Hey” (which you will have to go to YouTube to watch), a song that I’m pretty sure I’ll always associate with the riverside towns and grassy fields on the train ride from Prague to Berlin:

If you want more, Step has a beautiful lyric video and the performance of Unbelievers from SNL is super cool (dat octave jump). I’m so excited to see them at Outside Lands this August!


Another wonderful group I’ve recently become aware of is Foxtails Brigade, whose members have shared the bill with my friends of the Spencer Owen Timeshare and Body Parts in the bay area these past few months. Most recently, I was lucky to see Laura and Anton from the band perform at a funky taqueria show in Berkeley, and they rocked it. You can see them playing one of my favorite songs below (not from the taqueria, in case that wasn’t clear):

Definitely a fantastic band to see live, if you get a chance. The music makes me think of sideshows and busking and Halloween and wintry forests…if that makes any sense. Other favorites include the eccentric Steak and Cookies, and these great covers of I’ll See You In My Dreams and La Vie En Rose.


And while we’re on the subject of bands that I have one degree of separation or less from, Lauren and I recently discovered that the punk kid from our high school drumline is now the guitarist/producer for a really awesome San Diego band called The Howls, whose influences are listed on facebook as: Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Hank Williams, Gram Parsons, etc. Obviously, I bought their album without a second thought, and you should too. I hope I get to see these guys perform in SoCal sometime!

Check them out (our high school buddy is the one in the beanie):

Hope you enjoy the music, and goodnight!

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