Stuart Sutcliffe: Not for the Faint of Heart

I won’t even pretend that this is anything other than a Stu Sutcliffe picspam. But first, for non-Beatle fans, Stu’s tragic story in a nutshell: joined the Beatles because he was John Lennon’s best friend, learned how to play bass and got harassed on the daily by Paul, fell in love with a German photographer and left the band to pursue art, suffered a brian hemorrhage and died at 21.

.Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t died so young and might’ve remained good friends with the band. Would he have reunited with them eventually? Or would he have ended up one of those guys who appeared at Beatles conventions, charging $20 for autographs (like Pete Best)? Doubtful…I think he would’ve kept to himself, continuing to paint and not capitalizing on the Beatles’ success.
One thing’s for sure: if Stu had stayed in the band, there would’ve been no question who the Sexiest Beatle would’ve been (no wonder Paul was so defensive around Stu). The other guys wouldn’t have stood a chance. I mean, seriously:
You’re welcome.*
*Real credit: Astrid Kirchherr is to thank for most of the hott Stu pictures in existence. Her photos of the Beatles in their early days are some of my absolute favorites, definitely worth checking out

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