Another instant obsession

I’ve had some seriously stressful weeks latelythe kind that involve skipping lunch and sleepless nights and life evaluationbut just as everything was coming to a head, I stumbled upon an amazing artist whose music that instantly made me feel better about…everything.

Crazy how something as simple as a song can do that: just make you step back for a second and take a deep breath and enjoy life. This guy, Kishi Bashi, creates otherworldly sounds with his voice and violin, and here is a beautiful video of one of my current favorites:

If you are intrigued, do yourself a favor and watch/listen to some more: It All Began With A BurstBright Whites. These songs are great on the album (which I almost immediately downloaded), but watching him perform them live is even better. I hope I get to see him in concert at some point!

For the record, he also just seems like a really cool guy. His YouTube account is mostly short random videos like this which have less views than our high school pit videos (how?!), along with a couple incredibly well-produced videos of his songs.

I’m an instant fan. 

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