In case you were wondering how I spent Thanksgiving weekend

[The scene: eating pizza at Urbn in downtown Vista, wondering what to do over the weekend]

Lauren: “When we were in high school, what did we do for fun?”

Nikki: “Go to the Krikorian….and make videos, mostly.”

The result: STAR TREK VINES.

1. JT Kirk beams aboard. So glad I kept my old flip phone!

2. Sylvia the cat. Taken directly from the first 14 seconds of this clip. Context is for losers.

3. Redshirt gets speared. Taken from The Galileo Seven (we didn’t have two matching yellow shirts).

So happy to have the participation of Lauren (Vista video veteran who also provided most props) and Alex (new to the video-making, but quick to catch on!) in this endeavor.

Any recommendations for future vines are welcome. I think this one is promising, but we have to get creative in making the flying parasites….

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