These people deserve Oscars too

Just wanted to share a couple of really cool behind-the-scenes videos (fascinating material for a rainy day…or is that just me?)…

The first one is about foley artists. How awesome are these guys? The first time I learned about foley was when I took a recording engineering class at UCLA, and the “classroom” was actually a studio inside the film school, complete with foley room. The fact that so much of a movie’s sound is recorded with minimal props in a little studio like this blew my mind.  Watching these guys just confirms the fact that it’s really an art form (the action starts at about 1:30, and gets pretty crazy around 4:45):

This next one is a behind-the-scenes long shot from Hugo. So much coordination for about one and a half minutes of film! I like how the wall at 1:04 has to be pulled back to make room for the camera. Not something you’d necessarily think about when watching the finished product. (PS – HUGO IS AN AMAZING AND MAGICAL MOVIE, if you haven’t already seen it. Highly recommended!)

Also worth sharing is this one of 12 session drummers playing a Hans Zimmer score. After watching these, I may or may not have spent a good part of my afternoon browsing r/TheMakingOf. Endless entertainment!

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