Top Fives

A long time ago I attempted to make a thing out of Music Listography, but unfortunately failed after the first entry (I don’t even know where that notebook went, bummer). It’s a shame because it’s a cool idea, and although Alex and I have made similar lists as a way to pass the time on road trips, writing them down and backing them up with YouTube videos is a fun/shameless way to plug some of your favorite stuff, which of course is the point of this whole blog.

So basically, I revisited that old post and decided I wanted to try again, refashioning the listography part into Top 5 lists à la High Fidelity.

Speaking of the Beatles and being obvious, I’m not going to pretend that my top Side 1 Track 1s would be anything other than mainstream (Highway 61 Revisited, “Like a Rolling Stone,” I mean come on…). Actually, I’m sure all of my Top 5 things are pretty mainstream, at least in terms of Stuff That Baby Boomers Like. But hey, I’m not claiming that these are THE Top 5s, just MY Top 5s.

That said, here’s my second attempt at listography…with somewhat Nikki-specific categories, complete with (hopefully not broken) YouTube links!

Top 5 Beatles songs I tend to forget about but then get SO HAPPY when I remember them:
It’s All Too Much
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
This version of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
This version of No Reply (your FACE)
Bonus: the cover of Besame Mucho (from both 1962 and 1969)

Top 5 Favorite Lyricists (i.e. People Who Make Me Want To Write Songs):
Paul Simon
John Darnielle
Tom Waits
Ezra Koenig
Kishi Bashi
Can I just say that choosing a Paul Simon song is what kept me from posting this for like a week? I think a Top 5 Paul Simon Lyrics list would be nearly impossible. 

Top 5 Favorite Guitar Hero II Songs
Ahhhh, college…
YYZ – Rush
Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns ‘N Roses (first song I ever beat on expert, those were the days…)
Jordan – Buckethead (for the pure insanity)
Jessica – Allman Brothers Band

And because I don’t mean for this to be limited to just music,

Top 5 Favorite Jack Nicholson Movie Scenes
Going crazy in The Shining
“Hold it between your knees”
Watching the ball game
Go To The Mirror – Tommy (such a great crossover of my favorite things)

I’ve got lots of material for a follow-up post (Top 5 TOS Episodes, Top 5 Who Songs Sung by John Entwistle, Top 5 Cat Videos on YouTube, etc.). Do you have any? I feel like this blog is very un-interactive (which is probably mostly due to its readership being like 4 people at max), so I welcome any contributions or ideas!

Happy weekend.

Wednesday Night Feels

UGH you guys, I know I’m supposed to be in TNG mode, but tonight I was home alone and browsing Star Trek tumblrs and suddenly before I knew what I was doing, I was queuing up The Wrath of Khan on Netflix while putting on sweatpants and microwaving leftover Zante’s pizza. And what followed was 2 hours of mental live-blogging and me realizing over and over again how much I love this movie.

Never forget: James T. Kirk’s glasses.
Stardate 8130.3 – 8141.6

But the thing about WoK is that even though most of it plays out like an extended TOS episode (Bones and Spock arguing, Kirk’s silly expressions, epic battle scenes, a lot of snarky comments, etc.), you know what’s coming at the end. And you know that in those last 15 minutes, your heart will be broken into a thousand tiny pieces and it’s really all just a suspenseful buildup to those moments.

So I thought it’d be “fun” to explore the emotional roller coaster that is the ending of The Wrath of Khan, by putting together a collection of the most heartbreaking screencaps (thanks to this site), all of which occur in the last 15 or so minutes of the movie. 

***sorry not sorry***

Backstory: Kirk’s arch nemesis Khan has set the Genesis to detonate and the only way to save the crew of the Enterprise is to get warp speed working so they can hightail it out of the Mutara Nebula before everything explodes. Spock decides to go to the engine room to fix the warp drive himself, although it exposes him to deadly amounts of radiation. At the very last minute (of course), the ship kicks into warp drive and they escape before the Genesis destroys them all.

Here we get the first inkling that something’s wrong: when Bones tells Kirk he needs to come to Engineering, and Kirk notices that Spock’s chair is empty…


Cut to Kirk running across the Enterprise and pushing people out of the way to get to Spock, who is dying of radiation in an enclosed bubble after just saving the entire crew:


But since Kirk can’t reach Spock due to the radiation, he has to stay outside this glass wall:


Where Spock tells him he has been, and always shall be, his friend:


Before DYING.


AND THEN, as if the idea of Spock’s funeral isn’t sad enough,




And Kirk gives his speech about Spock’s soul being the most *sob* human he’s ever known…


And then they watch the coffin/pod verrrry slowwwwly make its way to a special door, where it’s then SHOT OUT INTO SPACE!.


BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Here’s Kirk reading a book that Spock gave to him for his birthday, except he’s having a hard time because his glasses are cracked (more heartbreak):


Then David (HIS SON), who he just met for the first time like 5 hours ago, comes in and they talk about death and then David says he’s sorry for never wanting to meet him and that he’s proud to be his son.


And they hug.


Then they all look out the observation deck at the Genesis planet, where Spock’s body is, and Bones and Dr. Marcus make some lighthearted comments, and Kirk’s face is full of so many feels, AND THEN THE MOVIE ENDS.


And for two whole years, from 1982-1984, everyone had to assume that Spock was dead. How messed up is that??

Anyway, that’s enough emotions for one night. I hope if you haven’t seen WoK, you still want to even though I just revealed the entire ending. Let me know…I’m definitely open to watching this again in the near future.

Is this a freaky dream?

I know I’ve already shared this via Twitter, but it’s one of my favorite things of all things, so I have no shame in posting it everywhere:

Ahah, the booty shake at the end is the icing on the cake. Confirmed: Mick Jagger and David Bowie can literally do whatever they want. I like to imagine that one day Bowie was like “Hey Mick, let’s record this song!” and then they set up some cameras and made the video how we used to make ours in high school, with the song playing quietly from a CD player in the corner and absolutely no one else around. I’m just going to pretend that that’s how it happened…don’t try to convince me otherwise.

(Equally important is this version, with “Dancing In The Street” replaced with “Cotton Eye Joe.”)

On a related note, our most recent album was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, which I think wins for best album title and also best album ending (those strings!). I must admit that during the first listen we were in lousy moods (mostly owing to failed tabla re-heading attempts) and then didn’t listen to it again for a while. But then we did, and it instantly became 1000x better. It was also the soundtrack of our drive from SF to SLO last weekend…awesome for driving down 101 at night after a long day of work. Although “Five Years” got stuck in my head for about a week, “Starman” is my current favorite song to belt out at random times:

Anyway, this has been another classic case of “Why have I never listened to this before??” I mean seriously, who goes this far in life without listening to a full David Bowie album? We’re now on the hunt for more of his stuff, specifically Station to Station and Hunky Dory.

…it is quite freaky, isn’t it?