Some things to listen to

While I get ready to post a very long entry about OK Go, here is a short little interlude for your listening pleasure:

  • Lately I’m been jamming a lot to “Songs” by The Van Allen Belt, a Pittsburgh band that I saw a while back at the Blue Circle release show. I think Tamar Kamin’s voice is mesmerizing. I’m hoping they make their way back to the bay area sometime so I can see them again!
  • Speaking of Blue Circle, click the link and have a listen to some of my favorite tracks: “Deserve You More,” “Thomas Curse,” and “Counting Out.” Actually, just listen to the whole album! It’s marvelous.
  • Recently heard for the first time: “In My Mind” by Amanda Palmer, which might just be the best description of my life, ever. Great listening if you’re having a quarterlife crisis. 
  • Kishi Bashi’s new album is out! I love love love it, and can’t wait to see him at the Fillmore later this month! First video from the album here.
    • Favorite 8tracks playlists lately: driving in cars with somewhat strangers (includes the aforementioned Amanda Palmer song, also more Kishi Bashi, also just a lot of awesome stuff) / i’m gonna make it (general feel-good music) / tints of azure (I use this one if I really need to get something done at work and need to tune out all distractions around me)
    Enjoy the music….be back in a bit!

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